Remote COMPASS™, Tablet Edition

This tablet version makes it easier to perform a number of different tests remotely by applying touchscreen input and other sensors of the tablet. The COMPASS™, tablet edition has been designed to select candidates for Flight Training Organizations and Airlines. The tests are suitable for candidates who posess little or no previous flying experience and […]


With this personalized mobile selection  solution, you will be able to create your own selection centre at every suitable location.   All the required materials are well packed in a protective durable suitcase.  First-class products have been selected and put together. For example, DELL computers which offer excellent value by virtue of quality versus price, and “award-winning” services. The CH Flightstick Pro gives you enough functions to […]

COMPASS™ Releases Solutions for Remote Testing

The COMPASS™ developers’ team is continuously working towards the improvement of services and taking care of their partners and has released Pre-COMPASS™ and a new fully Windows 10 compatible version of COMPASS™, which is more user-friendly and has increased functionalities.  COMPASS™ is a computer-based selection tool that fulfills the need for a reliable, objective, scientifically proven […]

New version COMPASS™ 5.0

The COMPASS™ developers team is continuously working towards improvement of the COMPASS™ services. This has resulted in a new version of COMPASS™, which is more user-friendly and has increased functionalities. With a new and fresh appearance and fully Windows 10 compatibility including all new features, we feel that COMPASS™ will be a valuable asset in your pilot selection arsenal   Some of the New features on COMPASS™ 5.0:  – Automatic software updates;  – Real time tracking of candidate results;  – Optimization of […]