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COMPASS™ selection system consists of two Parts which can run as a series of modules but we suggest that they are run as two parts in order to provide the candidate with a break between the Parts. The first part is the ability and flying aptitude test COMPASS™ or Advanced Compass™. The second part is the COMPASS™ Personality Profile (CPP).

Availability of the test results

COMPASS™ selection system consists of two Parts which can run as a series of modules but we suggest that they are run as two parts in order to provide the candidate with a break between the Parts. The first part is the ability and flying aptitute test COMPASS™ or Advanced COMPASS™. The second part is the COMPASS™ Personality Profile (CPP). 

for selecting student pilots.

The COMPASS™ system is designed to select candidates for Flight Training organizations. Emphasis is put on the aptitudes required for successful completion of a full flight training course. The COMPASS™ system includes the following modules: Hand-eye foot coordination, Spatial Orientation, Multi-task management, Mental calculations, Short term memory, Mental capacity, Verbal reasoning and comprehension and COMPASS™ Aviation English.

Advanced COMPASS™ for selecting experienced pilots.

The Advanced COMPASS™ system allows airlines and ATO’s to use more complex tests to assess flying aptitude in already trained and licensed pilots. The Advanced COMPASS™ includes: Complex control task; Spatial orientation, ATPL theoretical questions,  Short term memory, Mental capacity, Spatial orientation, Multi-task management, Verbal reasoning and comprehension and COMPASS™ Aviation English.

COMPASS™ Personality Profile (CPP)

COMPASS™ Personality Profile (CPP) created in concert with the Institute of Aviation Psychology is based on the IATA guidelines for competency based pilot selection. The COMPASS™ Personality Profile (CPP) displays  results on 15 personality competencies (an example is displayedand displays expanded details on subjects like personal and relational competencies and potential  misbalancesfollowed by a conclusion and advice.

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The newly developed, completely internet-based Pre-COMPASS™ selection tool will allow Airlines and FTO’s to quickly determine candidates initial suitability and quickly create a shortlist of possible suitable candidates thus saving time and effort in search of suitable candidates.  

Pre-COMPASS™ allows a seamless transition into the already available COMPASS™ selection battery, thus creating a one-stop-shop for proper pilot selection.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The results of COMPASS™ tests are instantly available when the testing computer is connected to the internet and a connection is made with the COMPASS™ selection server. 

The results of a COMPASS™ test can be checked after each test or after a set of tests have been completed.


No, as COMPASS™ runs directly on a windows PC, an online availability is not required. An internet connection is only required to check the scores of the COMPASS™ test on the COMPASS™ servers. After each aptitude test or after several tests, to view the results of the test you need to connect with the  internet for the results, for example after a day of testing.  Our Pre-selection tool (Pre-COMPASS™) is web-based and therefore needs a stable internet connection. 

There is no initial cost for the COMPASS software suite, the only initial cost is for the Joystick and rudder pedals.

There is no annual user fee (just pay as you go). This means that a fee is paid per test taken. There are no other recurrent or initial charges for using COMPASS.

Yes, many Airlines and ATO’s around the world use the COMPASS™ package of tests very successfully. COMPASS™ has become an integral part of the screening and selection procedure for both beginner and experienced pilots for many Airlines and ATO’s.

The COMPASS™ aptitude test is successful because it contains a variety of different tests that measures all the skills required to become an commercial aviation pilot. COMPASS™ instantly gives a very clear picture of a candidate's aptitude for becoming a commercial aviation pilot.

The main benefit for the Airlines and ATO’s using COMPASS™ is that all candidates are subjected to the exact same standardised test. This means that test scores for the different skills can be compared objectively, thereby eliminating human interpretation.

Many globally operating Airlines, ATO’s and aviation recruitment agencies see a big advantage in using the COMPASS™ aptitude test, because COMPASS™ tests pilot candidates from around the world with the same testing baseline. This allows objective comparison of the required aptitude of candidate pilots.


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